ESP32 Playback

To set up audio recording + playback on the ESP32 (M5 Atom), do the following:

  1. Open Arduino IDE, and open the client/client.ino file
  2. Go to Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager, search “esp32”, then install the boards by Arduino and Espressif
  3. Go to Tools -> Manage Libraries, then install the following:
  1. The board needs to connect to WiFi. Once you flash, connect to ESP32 wifi “captive” which will get wifi details. Once it connects, it will ask you to enter 01OS server address in the format “” or “ip:port”. Once its able to connect you can use the device.
  2. To flash the .ino to the board, connect the board to the USB port, select the port from the dropdown on the IDE, then select the M5Atom board (or M5Stack-ATOM if you have that). Click on upload to flash the board.


Server with a client

# run 01 with no args
poetry run 01

Client only

poetry run 01 --client


  • --client Run client.

  • --client-type TEXT Specify the client type. Default: auto.