The 01 project is an open-source ecosystem for artificially intelligent devices.

By combining code-interpreting language models (“interpreters”) with speech recognition and voice synthesis, the 01’s flagship operating system (“01OS”) can power conversational, computer-operating AI devices similar to the Rabbit R1 or the Humane Pin.

We intend to become the “Linux” of this new space— open, modular, and free for personal or commercial use.

Quick Start

Install dependencies

# MacOS
brew install portaudio ffmpeg cmake

# Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install portaudio19-dev ffmpeg cmake

For windows, please refer to the setup guide.

Install and run the 01 CLI

# Clone the repo and navigate into the software directory
git clone
cd software

# Install dependencies and run 01
poetry install
poetry run 01

Disclaimer: The current version of 01OS is a developer preview