Run Server

poetry run 01  --server


A core part of the 01 server is the interpreter which is an instance of Open Interpreter. Open Interpreter is highly configurable and only requires updating a single file.

# Edit

Properties such as model, context_window, and many more can be updated here.

LLM service provider

If you wish to use a local model, you can use the --llm-service flag:

# use llamafile
poetry run 01 --server --llm-service llamafile

For more information about LLM service providers, check out the page on Language Models.

Voice Interface

Both speech-to-text and text-to-speech can be configured in 01OS.

You are able to pass CLI flags --tts-service and/or --stt-service with the desired service provider to swap out different services

These different service providers can be found in /services/stt and /services/tts

For more information, please read about speech-to-text and text-to-speech

CLI Flags

  • --server Run server.

  • --server-host TEXT Specify the server host where the server will deploy. Default:

  • --server-port INTEGER Specify the server port where the server will deploy. Default: 10001.

  • --tunnel-service TEXT Specify the tunnel service. Default: ngrok.

  • --expose Expose server to internet.

  • --server-url TEXT Specify the server URL that the client should expect. Defaults to server-host and server-port. Default: None.

  • --llm-service TEXT Specify the LLM service. Default: litellm.

  • --model TEXT Specify the model. Default: gpt-4.

  • --llm-supports-vision Specify if the LLM service supports vision.

  • --llm-supports-functions Specify if the LLM service supports functions.

  • --context-window INTEGER Specify the context window size. Default: 2048.

  • --max-tokens INTEGER Specify the maximum number of tokens. Default: 4096.

  • --temperature FLOAT Specify the temperature for generation. Default: 0.8.

  • --tts-service TEXT Specify the TTS service. Default: openai.

  • --stt-service TEXT Specify the STT service. Default: openai.

  • --local Use recommended local services for LLM, STT, and TTS.

  • --install-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh] Install completion for the specified shell. Default: None.

  • --show-completion [bash|zsh|fish|powershell|pwsh] Show completion for the specified shell, to copy it or customize the installation. Default: None.

  • --help Show this message and exit.