Captive portal

To connect your 01, you will use the captive portal.

  1. Turn on your computer or laptop and connect to the ‘01 light’ Wi-Fi network.
  2. Enter your Wi-Fi/hotspot name and password in the captive portal page.
  3. Enter the server URL generated on their computer and hit ‘Connect’.

Now you’re connected and ready to go!

Local 01OS


There are a few packages that need to be installed in order to run 01OS on your computer

# MacOS
brew install portaudio ffmpeg cmake

# Ubuntu (wayland not supported, only ubuntu 20.04 and below)
sudo apt-get install portaudio19-dev ffmpeg cmake

# Install poetry
curl -sSL | python3 -


On Windows you will need to install the following:

With these installed, you can run the following commands in a PowerShell terminal as an administrator:

# Install the required packages
choco install -y ffmpeg

Install 01

To install the 01 CLI

# Clone the repo and navigate into the 01OS directory
git clone

Run the 01

In order to run 01 on your computer, use Poetry.

Navigate to the project’s software directory:

cd software

Install your project along with its dependencies in a virtual environment managed by Poetry.

poetry install

Run your local version of 01 with:

poetry run 01

Swap out service providers

You have the ability to set your LLM, STT, and TTS service providers

Server setup

You are able to run just the server.

Client setup

You are able to run just the client.